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Team fundraising has never been easier.

Feature-packed. Easy to use. Extremely effective.

Customized Team Page

Give the people who want to support you the ability to do so.

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Team Dashboard

Manage everything about your team fundraisers from one central source.

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100% Automated

Everything is automated. From emails to receipts to thank you letters, we have you covered.

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Money Management

Get your money when you need it, either by check or instantly by direct deposit.

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Customized Team Page

Make it your own

Team Info

Completely customized team pages.

Add your team colors, pictures and even video along with your teams seasonal schedule. Your team page is completely customizable to suit your needs.

Donations and Tracking

Accept Donations Effortlessly

Your supporters can donate and track your fundraiser at any moment. Receipts and thank-you emails are automatically sent out along with tax documents. Donors can leave comments and can choose to be publicly displayed on your page to show their proud support.

Updates & Milestones

Dedicated For Your Supporters

Post updates to stay connected with your supporters. Set milestone goals to let them know how their contribution has helped the team.


All this plus more


Integrated Email:

With our built in e-mail server, allows you to easily automate all of your e-mail campaigns in order to receive maximum funds with minnimum effort.


Team Reach

Your players easily upload a list of emails (such as aunts and uncles) and Team Reach takes it from there. Our automated e-mail features sends donation requests to your potential supporters automatically without you having to do a thing. You can also track donations by individual players.


Donor Management

A contact list of all donors is built for you, and tax-deductible receipts are sent automatically to donors. Easily message, update, thank and track current donors, prospective donors and business sponsors.


Social Integration

We have integrated all social media platforms in to to allow for easy sharing and across all platforms.


Player Registration Dues

Upload your roster and collect player participation dues online. We have made it easy to keep track of who has paid in one central location.


Collecting Your Money

Funds raised can be directly deposited instantly into your account, or you can request a check from us with your raised funds.

Finally, the game has changed. With no sign up fees, no monthly fees and no credit card needed, offers a platform with no obstacles in order to get started fundraising for your team or sport today.

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Team Dashboard

Take Control

The dashboard is only visible to you, the administrator. The dashboard is where you manage and set up your fundraising campaign and team page. Some of the features include live tracking and notifications, automated emails campaigns, player participation tracking, player participation dues tracking, and donor management.


Team Reach

One of our features, Team Reach, has exponentially increased the fundraising success of teams using by providing a seamless and easy way for your players to reach out to their friends and family for donations. Your team players are sent a link which prompts them to enter in the emails of people they know who are likely to donate (i.e. aunts and uncles). Once they enter those emails, those individuals are automatically sent donation requests.

You send your players a link to our Team Reach feature (or they can access it through your team page).

Your players enter the email addresses of their closest friends and family members into our Team Reach form on your team page.

Donation request are automatically sent to the people each of your players entered without you having to do anything.

If you have 30 players on your team, and each member puts in 20 email addresses of potential donors, you will have sent out 600 donation requests. This equals results. Big results.

Accept and Manage

Player Participation Fees

For teams that require players to pay a participation fee in order to be on the team, allows you to easily track and accept those payments online. Say goodbye to the days of handling cash or checks. allows you to add your team roster, send out a payment request and track which players have paid and which have not. Players will automatically be emailed receipts after they complete their payment. charges a $2.50 fee per player to use this feature. This is added to your player fee, so it does not come out of the team's pocket. For example, if the fee to play on your team is $15.00, the player will pay $17.50 if they pay through In addition there is also a fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction imposed by the credit card companies. This fee is universal for anyone accepting credit cards and goes right to the credit card companies.

Your Money

We offer two options for receiving your funds:

1. Direct Deposit (Recommended)

We have partnered with Stripe, a leader in online payments, to allow you to easily link your bank account so that funds can automatically be deposited in to it as they come in. This is 100% secure and we reccomend this option so that you can instantly access your funds.

2. By Check

Simply press "request disbursement" on the dashboard of your team page and we will have a check sent out to you. There is a $7 fee for sending checks out to cover the printing and the shipping of the check. You can request a check be sent out to you at any time.

How much does cost to use?

There are no monthly costs, no yearly costs and no sign-up fees for using There is a 4% flat fee that covers the cost that the credit card companies charge to process payments as well as the disbursement fees. This is automatically diverted out of the donation when it comes in. So for example, if someone donates $10 to your team, 40 cents is automatically taken out.

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A few of the organizations currently using

"This is exactly what we've been looking for."

We made fundraising simple so you can focus on winning. is a perfect fit for any type of athletic team or organization such as: high school, college teams, little leagues, individual sports, school bands, club sports, academic sports, charities, cheer and intramurals.

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